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Welcome to the Chapman Institute!

A Leader in Worksite and Corporate Wellness Certification

Larry S. Chapman MPH, founder of Chapman Institute, has been working in the Corporate Wellness field for more than thirty-five (35) years and certifying Wellness practitioners since 1998. During his career Larry has worked on more than a thousand (1,000) Corporate Wellness programs in virtually every type of private and public sector industry.As part of our mission, Chapman Institute is committed to providing the Corporate Wellness field with program management skills and information needed to plan, design, implement, manage and evaluate Corporate Wellness programs that are highly effective in improving health and reducing health costs.Today, drawing from those 35+ years of personal experience with more than a thousand employers as well as the Institute's research-based best practice solutions in Worksite Wellness certification, Chapman Institute serves as the exclusive provider of the nationally recognized WellCertsm Program.


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About the WellCertsm Program

The WellCertsm Program is a five (5) level certification training program for both new entrants and seasoned professionals, intended to prepare individuals to plan, design, implement, manage and evaluate "next generation" or "best practice" Corporate Wellness programs. Each of the five WellCertsm Program certification levels is focused on twelve (12) unique key skills considered essential to the duties that each individual is likely to be responsible for within their job assignment. Everyone begins with Level 1 and completes each additional level in sequence.

This focus on skills is unique to the industry and helps ensure rapid transition to work effectiveness for those completing each level of certification. Delivered in an enjoyable, high quality and effective format, more than 3,000 of the industry's best Worksite and Corporate Wellness practitioners and business leaders from top employers and health plans have received one or more of the five levels of certification. Successful participants earn formal designations of their certification status. For an overview of the available certifications, visit the Worksite Wellness Certification section of our Web site. 

Why Do You Need Certification?

You need certification....

     - to consolidate and validate your knowledge,

     - to differentiate yourself from your competituors,

     - to establish your credibility in a field with few recognized benchmarks,

     - to  keep your knowledge fresh and updated.

The WellCertsm Program Will Help Take You to the Next Level!


"I chose this  wellness certification program because of its comprehensive focus on corporate wellness rather than one aspect, like coaching or physical fitness....I didn't have to work very hard to sell it to my colleagues. Many firms are in varying stages of providing corporate wellness consulting and related services to their clients. The wellness movement has become so strong that my certification in this program has helped us stay ahead of our competition."                                                                                            - Wellness Consultant, HR Consulting Company

The field of corporate wellness has reached a new level of ROI impact, and complexity.  To meet these ever-changing demands, employers are looking for thoughtful leaders who can harness the full power of wellness on behalf of employers and shareholders. 

Other certification programs place focus on clinical content or personal coaching.  WellCertsm has one goal, to shape leaders who are capable of capturing the full benefits of wellness for their organizations.  This demands a comprehensive approach that covers all the various aspects of effective management of the human capital of an organization.

WellCertsm is one of the largest and oldest Worksite Wellness certification program in the world, having trained more than 3,000 individuals since 2006.

Learn how the Chapman Institute and its WellCertsm Program is pioneering effective e-learning and recertification resources to help you succeed in the Corporate Wellness field.

What is "Different" About the WellCertsm Program?

 The WellCertsm certification program is "different" in the following way....

     - It is nationally recognized.

     - It is both online and onsite.

     - It has an ongoing recertification requirement.

     - It is based on both research and experience with more than 1,000 organizational wellness programs.

     - It is connected to an ongoing distribution system for new research findings, reports, tools and samples.

     - It is population health management (PHM) and health and productivity management (HPM) oriented.