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WellCert Level 1 - Certified Wellness Program Coordinator (CWPC).

The WellCertsm program uses “best-practice” solutions to provide participants (worksite wellness professionals, benefit managers, human resource staff and others) with the skills and information they need to plan, design, implement, manage and evaluate programs that improve health and reduce health costs. The Level I program is designed to certify wellness practitioners who:

     -are new to the field of worksite wellness,

     -have demonstrated excellence in their careers and work skills,

     -are professionally engaged in the field of wellness, and

     -are dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of others.


What are some of the key skills Worksite Wellness practitioners will learn?

  1. How to build strong and sustained senior management support for wellness efforts
  2. How to assess your employees' wellness needs
  3. How to develop and implement basic onsite wellness program activities
  4. How to perform a simple evaluation of your employee wellness program
  5. How to enhance participation and maximize recruitment efforts
  6. How to utilize a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) in your employee wellness program

Requirements: Complete 16 hours of required course sessions, participate in small group exercises, and successfully complete the Challenge Exam for the Level I “Coordinator” certification course.

Click here to download a PDF document detailing the specific educational content for Level I, CWPC